Sebastian Kaltenbrunner is an award winning Graphic Artist, Illustrator, and Designer born in Vienna, Austria. Using his extensive technical knowledge and graphic design background Sebastian created the custom design label Woerm, which delivers a broad spectrum of remarkable products.

Woerm is a character he created during his younger years as a street artist, eventually leaving his recognizable mark on the scene. Discovering his love for character design and art, Sebastian has meticulously developed and expanded his skills over the past 15 years. Working with various materials and mediums, ranging from extremely detailed mandala designs on wood to collages from vintage magazines collected at flea markets, his artwork is characterized by great attention to detail and quality.

Sebastian is currently working on an analogue collage series, creating a new collage every day from retro magazines combined with watercolors, paint, newspaper and scraps.

His creative journey continues to bring interesting new challenges and he looks forward to the next one.